Android Studio 默认 layout 无对应布局文件,导致生成 apk 时出错

作者:vkvi 来源:千一网络(原创) 日期:2020-5-13

Android Studio 运行、调试 APP 无问题,但是在生成 apk 时出错,提示:

xxx.xml Error: The layout "button_holder" in layout-port has no declaration in the base layout folder; this can lead to crashes when the resource is queried in a configuration that does not match this qualifier [MissingDefaultResource]

Explanation for issues of type "MissingDefaultResource":

If a resource is only defined in folders with qualifiers like -land or -en, and there is no default declaration in the base folder (layout or values etc), then the app will crash if that resource is accessed on a device where the device is in a configuration missing the given qualifier.

As a special case, drawables do not have to be specified in the base folder; if there is a match in a density folder (such as drawable-mdpi) that image will be used and scaled. Note however that if you only specify a drawable in a folder like drawable-en-hdpi, the app will crash in non-English locales.

原来在 layout-port(竖屏)、layout-land(横屏)都有相应的布局文件,而在默认的 layout 文件夹却没有对应的布局文件,就不让通过。